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  • A follow-up on that insanely entertaining interview I blogged about a while ago - I’ve become a member of the Archrival, Axis of Awesome family and now am Berkeley’s Campus Brand Agent for our campus’s Neebo store! (AKA, the Ned’s we all know and love!)

    In other words, I’m basically your go-to girl for any discounts on books and book rentals you may want without having to break bank. Get at me all year and I’ll always have discounts/coupons/information/hook-ups/free-gifts (ohyeah) - whatever it is that’ll make your life easier with college and the disgusting amount of money that’s needed to spend on college textbooks!

    Foreal though, I love all of you, and am down to hook you up in any way I can, so let me know whenever you need me. As for the photo, print it out and use it AT NED’S! and you’ll probably get the cheapest books on campus.

    *Side information: For those who buy books at, etc., those books are most likely through the Neebo company, so you’ll have more of a savings taking discounts I can get you in the first place. Use me while you can!

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